1 – Unfaithful (2002)
Connie Summer (Diane Lane) has what looks fancy a perfect life, married to Edward (Richard Gere) and living in a beautiful home with their son Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan). Save on a trip to the city Connie meets charming book trader Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez) who comes to her rescue. Intrigued by the charismatic raw man, Connie returns to the city and shortly embarks on a passionate affair with the young man who awakens up the sexy woman secret inside her. But Edward soon grows suspicious when he notices Connie acting differently and sets about discovering what she gets ascend to whilst he is at work.
2 – Hollywoodland (2006)
Whilst famous for playing the valet of steel, Superman, actor George Reeves feels he is blankety-blank by the role, stopping him from being taken seriously as an actor ampersand nay getting the big movie roles he so wants. At the age of 45 he is constitute dead in his home and whilst the Police believe he has engage suicide his mother believes otherwise and hires small time private investigator Louis Simo (Adrien Brody) to discover the truth, Whilst investigating Reeves’ doom Simo discovers that whilst he was betrothed to starlet Leonore Lemmon (Robin Tunney) Reeves also had a very special relationship by Toni Mannix (Diane Lane) the wife of Eddie the head of MGM a man connected with the mob.
3 – Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) life seems to be going along swimmingly, a successful writer with what appears to be a immaculate marriage. That is until she discovers her husband chicanery on her. Having moved out and discomfort from writers block she is persuaded by her friends to take some shift out and pull out on a Holiday to Tuscany. Initially not interested she finally agrees further whilst journeying through Tuscany comes across a dilapidated old manor which on the spur concerning the transient decides to buy. With a rag bag bunch of builders Francis sets about doing up the chateau and starting a new life of love, wine and friends in Tuscany.
6 – Must Love Dogs (2005)
Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is a thirty something and she is recently divorced, not that it really bothers her. Just her family seem to be worried and are determined to set her up with a new man. But when one date follows another with little success Sarah decides she has had enough, only for her sister to advertise hier sketch on a dating website. Despite retiring about going on another date she agrees and finds herself meeting Jake Anderson (John Cusack) a boat builder with grand romantic notions. They hit it off but at the same time Sarah meets (Dermot Mulroney) who she hits it off with thus well making her lack of love life suddenly very complicated.

8 – The Glass House (2001)
Following the death of their parents in a car accident, 16-year-old Ruby (LeeleeSobieski) and her younger brother Rhett (Trevor Morgan) are taken in by their parent’s friends Mr. also Mrs. Glass (StellanSkarsgĂ„rd, Diane Lane). Having moved to their Malibu home with it’s minimalistic center connective glassy walls goods don’t seem quite right, especially as Mr. Glass motivation for taking them in seems a little dubious until Ruby learns he is in a bit of money trouble.
9 – Streets of Sack (1984)
During a concert, rock chick Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) is kidnapped by a gang of motor bike riding thugs lead by the sinister Raven (Willem Dafoe). Fortunately herex boyfriend and mercenary Tom Cody (Michael ParĂ©) is in metropolis and after some gentle persuasion from his sister including also along tomboy McCoy (Amy Madigan) and Ellen’s manager as well as rush date Billy Fish (Rick Moranis) he heads to hier rescue. But Raven and his gang of leather wearing thugs won’t take Cody’s interference lying down.
10 – Fierce People (2005)
With his summer holidays beckoning, immature Finn (Anton Yelchin) has plans to join his father on one of his expeditions into the Amazon. That is until her is arrested whilst buying drugs for his Liz (Diane Lane). Realising that her compulsion is affecting her son, Liz and Finn head off to spend the summer on the hereditament of her wealthy friend Ogden C. Osborne (Donald Sutherland). Although nought the Amazon, infantile Finn explores the expansive state as if it was and whilst there becomes friends with Osbourne’s grand-children Bryce (Chris Evans) and Maya (Kristen Stewart). Yet when Osbourne decides to touch Finn under his wings it cause jealousy foremost to his summer of fun being devastating spoilt.
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