Not Everyone in Hollywood Is Out to Steal Your Screenplay Script – But Some Are

When you talk to screenplay writers, they are often a miniature sketchy. They want you to message all sorts of nondisclosure agreements to talk amidst them, because they believe everyone is out to steal their screenplay script. That is complete and utter paranoia, and probably not justified. The existence is not everyone is out to steal their screenplay, despite some are. Indeed, it probably depends on where they are the time, for instance in Hollywood.
Good ideas, connective protogenic thoughts are hard to come by, and myriad writers who come raise with brilliant scenarios and situations of the human endeavor, do have original thoughts. Still, one thing I found even after signing nondisclosure agreements is electorate come up with movie scripts in a certain genres which have been accomplished many times over. In fact, sometimes the situations they describe are not unique at all.
Instead perhaps, they may have either saw the movie and forgot they saw it which gave them the idea, or they are such loners that they don’t realize these are common experiences that people have from time to time anyway. There is alter ego situation which happens, and that is with people who may neither be aren’t screenplay writers, besides they are perpetual storytellers, they make up situations that never happened to them but they betray them in the first person.
Now then, some of these people are delusional, and their memories have been tricked near a movie they saw, or they momentum themselves into identifying with the symbolic in their minds to the point where they’ve redone the story and made a believable. They think it is consent to recognize other people the story, because they believe it, so spare people will believe it to. It’s even more interesting when these same people are writers.

The other day, I was talking to someone at a local Starbucks, and he was telling smeersel a story, as if it was something that happened to him, but it was something that I actually saw in a movie, and I am assuming he did two, or that he learn a festschrift which the movie was based on. It’s not the prima facie time this situation has happened to me, I find storytellers all over the place. I’m beginning to wonder if we possess a mental problem in our society – and one which completely permeates the world of creative writers.
Interestingly enough, maybe the people who are paranoid that someone will steal their screenplay, are the actually people who were stealing situations and events they saw in a movie and telling them as first-person stories about their individual experience. This is something I suspect, and I have nought browse ample about the psychology of this issue, save since this pattern keeps repeating, it would seem to me that we do have a psychological problem along humans adopting movies as personal experiences and allowing it to trick their minds moreover memories, or utilizing these movies to live vicariously through, almost to the point that they are no longer living their avow lives.
In any case it concerns me, and if you’ve had similar experiences with people you meet, why neither e-mail me, and let’s compare notes.