Hollywood Unites for Global Enlightenment and Created a Whole New Paradigm for Digital Broadcasting

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2014 – “Many of Hollywood’s best documentary producers, directors, videographers ampersand talent have come integrated to form the first broadcasting station dedicated to creating content that enlightens the consciousness of the planet, and is accessible for free 24/7 via streaming video. Enlightenment Broadcasting is a non-profit production and broadcasting company dedicated and funded to “bring the consolidated consciousness of mankind information and tools that uplift and enlighten,” says Enlightenment Broadcasting CEO Steven S. Sadleir.

Enlightenment Broadcasting has sundry project currently subordinate development, including: 1) Meeting of the Masters, traveling the world to interview and study with the world’s greatest social, political and spiritual leaders to develop an action plan for creating a better world. 2) The World Prayer Project brings all the world’s faiths together to commission a canaille vision of peace and freemasonry under God. 3) Women like the Future engages women leaders from business, politics, skill and spirit to create action plans for real global change, and 4) Enlightened Living has already begun filming episodes on Enlightened Children, Enlightened Parenting and other Enlightened Lifestyle themes. All these series are also part of motion picture called Global Enlightenment, Creating a Better World.

Co-founder Steven S. Sadleir, MA, appears in two new motion pictures Spiritual Revolution and 3 Magic Words plus a series on the Hallmark Channel called Genie Clips, he is also host of Enlightenment Radio and is director of the Self Awareness Institute. Director of Filming, Gabreal Franklin, has years of experience filming the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and other world leaders. Enlightenment Broadcasting is creating a association of creative talent that is coming together to change the world; an alternative to mainstream media.

Steven S. Sadleir will be hosting the press powwow at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton at the Conscious Life Expo on Friday, February 7th at 2:00 pm (media receive a uncontrolled pass), he will also be offering a workshop on wisdom and will be on a panel on energy healing on Saturday, February 8th, and his movie 3 Magic Words will also be shown at the Expo film festival. Enlightenment Broadcasting will be at booth #91 at the Conscious Life Expo.

Press Contact:
Christine Schneider
Enlightenment Broadcasting
Los Angeles, CA