Celebrity Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: Jessica Alba

As always Jessica Alba is as suggestive as ever! When she wants to turn up the sexiness, she has no problem doing so. She has been called the affinity angel once vanward as she is a hard working women yet be a great mother to Haven. While jet setting at different locations or just being hard at work, Jessica Alba is a great inspiration for anyone to look up to. This sexy celeb has been impregnable at work and we can’t wait to see where she is headed next!

Jessica is a great celebrity role model , little do people know she was a ideal the same time she started acting. She has accomplished so much in hier life thus far such as different roles in movies, magazine spreads as well as being on Maxim’s hot 100 list, which is such an honor. She had a flamboyant spread and the cover of Cosmo, which women would say is the bible. I loved knowledge the inside scoop of her likes and dislikes. She is always flawless in either luxury swimwear, award show ball gowns or just simple attire for running errands. I am personally stimulatory to see if her daughter follows in her footsteps.

From being on the big screen, gracing the covers of magazines instead just being a great mom, Jessica seems to keep pretty employed at all times. Jessica is mostly seen rocking a sexy bikini at the beach or on vaca, so we thought our Gold Digger black bandeau would live exemplary for her corporation type. She is thin yet has got those curves she would look renowned in anything. We picked this designer bikini for her to accentuate her great body with rhinestone hardware for a touch of sparkle. She can pull off anything, but we think this would be a great pick.