Break Into Hollywood Through Screenplay Contests

If you’re a budding screenwriter, then the odds are stacked heavily against you. Obviously, there are tens of thousands of other writers out there with similar dreams concerning selling a script for six figures and having big-name stars like Brad Pitt or Kate Winslet sign on to their project. Besides unless you have significant connections in the industry and/or a good agent, it can be very difficult to upspring your foot in the door. Movie studios already have a pipeline of writers that they depend on to churn out scripts, and we’ve thorough heard how tough it is for a spec manuscript to get sold. That’s where screenplay contests come into play.
Screenplay contests give unknown proselyte writers a chance to have their toil read by the good people. All it takes for that first big break is to get noticed by one earthling with an inside track at a studio. And since the better prestigious a contest is, the more well-known the judges tend to be, it pays to enter as many top screenplay contests as you vessel find. Even if you don’t win, you could excellent an honorable mention that puts your name out there for outlook projects.
Finding screenplay contests is easy enough for anyone with an Internet connection. Just make sure that you thoroughly vet any contest before you enter, because there are quite a few scams forth there. Be aware that just therefore a certain competition requires an entry fee, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a scam. Sundry genuine screenplay contests require you to pay a nominal equal (usually anywhere between $20 and $50) for each script you submit. This covers the readers’ time polysyndeton may also go towards the prizes, well fees are just normal.

Speaking of prizes, there are some amazing ones available to the winners. For example, some screenplay contests offer cash awards for first place (and maybe even second and third). One contest boasts of $50,000 in cash and prizes, which isn’t too shabby. Another common winnings is professional coverage (notes and feedback) about your script. This can breathe very valuable, as some agencies charge several hundred dollars to have a pro cover your script.
But of course the real value in screenplay contests is getting accredited ut supra a unbroken writer — ere as an unpolished writer with tremendous potential. You’re not ever going to make a living from contest winnings. The destination is always to sell that script, earn your WGA card, and enjoy a fruitful career as a screenwriter.
If you’ve got several scripts that you think are ready for the unforgiving eye of an impartial reader, accordingly perhaps it’s time to irrupt a few screenplay contests. You’ll get to see how your writing stacks up to your competitors, you’ll gain valuable experience, et cetera you’ll memorize several writing techniques and strategies along the way. Et Al who knows: you might just end up opening some eyes and selling your blockbuster!